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The ethilog philosophy

smart closed loop medication management

At ethilog we believe medication safety in hospitals can significantly be improved while reducing the workload of careworkers and the overall cost of medication distribution. ethilog develops unit dose medication dispensing solutions based on simple and proven industrial concepts adapted to the specific needs of hospitals. These solutions can be implemented gradually without huge upfront investments and without the need to redesign all logistics processes. The result: fast implementation of full unit dose traceability resulting in high medication safety, fast payback and more time for your careworkers to spend with their patients.

ethilog combines lean end-to-end process optimisation with a strong focus on backoffice automation and selective robotisation for repetitive, plannable  standard tasks such as unit dose repacking.

ethilog is a strong believer of Just-In-Time , First Time Right picking of medication at the ward level to cope effectively with shortening hospital stays and more frequent medication prescription changes.

The result: high availability of medication at the ward, fully controlled by the hospital pharmacy, elimination of medication returns and a significant reduction of workload for both the pharmacy and the wards.

medication integrity

The ethilog system allows repacking of medication into unitdose presentations while preserving the original primary medication packaging, i.e. without deblistering, and without the need for overwrapping in cumbersome pouches.
The original expiry dates are maintained and the risk for (cross) contamination  is eliminated.
The resulting unitdose is compact, ergonomic and ecologic (see cardID and labelID unitdoses).

ethilog also has its unitdose repacking equipment installed at several GMP facilities and offers the complementary software and know how to support unitdose repacking in such a GMP environment.


The ethilog unitdose dispensing systems handle both the ethilog unitdose presentations (cardID, labelID), as well as any other form of traceable unitdoses as offered by the pharmaceuticaal industry or by third party unitdose repackers. ethilog favors 2D datamatrix barcodes and the GS1 standard, but can handle any form of barcodes. This enables hopsitals to make big savings on unitdose repacking and it makes the ethilog solution 'future proof' and ready for the gradual shift of the pharmaceutical industry towards traceable unitdose presentations. 

Also the ethilog solutions can easily be combined with systems from other solution providers to build a comprehensive solution that meets the specific needs of each hospital.

modular & versatile

The ethilog solution is a modular solution that can be gradually deployed at healthcare institutions and supports hybrid medication dispening models. Hospitals can redeploy the ethilog equipment over time to cope with their changing needs or insights in medication management.

Although the ethilog systems are developed around traceable, barcoded unitdoses as the cornerstone of safe medication management and efficient Just in Time / First Time Right picking based on the latest electronic prescription, the system can already be deployed without electronic prescription system and without unit doses. This allows to gradually introduce electronic prescription software ward by ward and traceable unitdoses medication by medication.

lean and agile

The ethilog solution is based on simple, proven lean principles, complemented with selective robotisation where relevant.
The system is built around pick to light and put to light solutions combined with systematic barcode scanning for process control, medication validation, transaction registration and automation of all related (back-office) processes (such as inventory management, tarification,...).
The logistics process uses e-kanban for efficient replenishment logistics offering implicit FIFO management, lot/expiry management (including recalls), permanent cycle counting.
This solution eliminates significant waste in both the logistics process and the medication dispensing process resulting in reduced workload for both the central pharmacy and the wards, while ensuring a better quality of service to the patient in terms of medication safety and  medication availability.

affordable & real ROI

The combination of lean processes and  selective robotisation leads to an affordable system with real, proven payback, even for smaller size hospitals.

The ethilog ward cabinets (focusONE)  manage over 80% of all medication dispensing in a highly efficient and ergonomic way, and also double up as traditional ADCs (Automatic Deispensing Cabinets) eliminating the need for double investments.

The open philosophy allows hospitals to choose the 'best' unitdose  on the market and eliminates the need for systematic repacking.

The system adapts easily to changes, both at the hospital and its environment and is therfor also a  'future proof' investment

ethilog history

a small card -  a big idea


In 2008 we discover the need for improving medication logistics in hospitals to reduce medication errors and to reduce careworkers workload. With an industrial background we start thinking about possible ways to improve and to automate the medication logistics flows in hospitals.


In march 2010 our concepts have matured and we start-up a company in Loos (France). During 2010 we build our first proof of concepts and we become Laureate of 'Concours National du Ministère de la Récherche - Catégorie Emergence' in France


Early 2011 we file a series of patents and start building the first prototypes. We finalise our first round of financing, and again we are Laureate of 'Concours National du Ministère de la Récherche - Catégorie Création et Développement' in France.


A lot of fine tuning in 2012 result in our first pilot installations being up and running. We also sign a first distribution agreement. We start showing our equipment to the world...


From 2013 on our initial range of unit dose production and dispensing solutions are available to selected customers.


ethilog continues its product development and signs up agreements with complementary partners to enrich its offering to its customers. ethilog has the ambition to bring a significant new development, product or service to the market year after year. 


ethilog starts its international expansion and explores adjacent market segments.

An independent study based on 6 months of operation of a pilot operation at a major hospital confirms the viability of the ethilog solution.

2016 - 2017

Several from our early customers are very satisfied with our solutions  and place repeat orders. New large customers choose ethilog as their partner for their new medication management processes.

ethilog business partners

Together we'll make it work for you

H.Essers / Hospital Logistics

Healthcare value added logistic services

Hospital Logistics ( including H.Essers healthcare activities) is the exclusive distributor of ethilog for the BeNeLux.

Innovative Pharma Partners

Unitdose reconditioning (Belgium)

Unitdose reconditioning services for hospitals and other healthcare institutions, using the ethilog unitONE and labelONE technology in a GMP setting.

Val du Geer

Unitdose reconditioning (Belgium)

Unitdose reconditioning services for hospitals and other healthcare institutions, using the ethilog unitONE technology in a GMP setting

Picklog / Slidelog

Centralised medication dispensing solutions 

Medication store and dispense solutions
for the central
hospital pharmacy.

France Pharma Systems

Equipment for hospital pharmacies

France Pharma Systemes
is ethilog's
agent for France

W pharma

Unitdose reconditioning (Belgium)

Unitdose reconditioning services for hospitals and other healthcare institutions, using the ethilog unitONE and labelONE technology in a GMP setting

ethilog solutions overview


unitdose repacker for dry oral solids

The most advanced unitdose repacker   transforming blister packages in "cardID" traceable unitdoses.  


versatile (unitdose) medication labeler

The all-round productive and versatile labeler for hospital pharmacies for all forms of medication - NEW 2017.


dispense to light medication cabinet

Intuitive, ergonomic, fast and safe medication dispensing based on most recent electronic prescription data.


multipatient medication picking solution

Fast and safe medication dispensing in the central pharmacy, hundreds of patients at a time.


unitdose store and dispense solution

Fast and safe store and dispense system for al forms of (unitdose) medication.

logicONE & more

fully integrated medication dispensing

Integrated multiform unitdose repacking pilot software and versatile interfacing/integration solutionss, 


unitdose repacker
for dry oral solids

  • produces compact cardID unitdoses with full traceability information
  • high productivity of up to 1500 unitdoses/hour
  • no tooling required, no set-up times
  • cassette loading of medication in blister packages
  • unitdose medication is automatically transferred in handy boxID containers
  • compact footprint
  • hospital and GMP versions

The unitONE series 1000 unit dose packager for dry oral solids transforms medication in blister packages into cardID unitdoses with full traceability information, without deblistering the medication and without overwrapping in pouches.

The unitONE is fully software controlled and requires no set-up times allowing to produce small production badges at a high througput rate.

The unitONE series 1000 comes is available in different versions:

  • hospital and GMP versions
  • with or without automatic boxID container exchange module

In the hospital version the unitONE is delivered with a software suite that allows to manage the production orders  and to prepare the stackIDs beforehand. The GMP version comes with software to manage the whole production flow upstream and downstream of the unitONE machine(s) from order intake up to shipping preparation, including all required quality control steps and process documentation (Electronic Batch record, QC and QP sign off, ...). 

cardID unitdoses

full medication traceability all the way to the patient

Full traceability information including medication name and reference, DCI, lotnumber, expiry date and unique serial number.

GS1 data matrix with all traceability information on  both sides of the cardID.

Ecofriendly and compact design.

Patented lever and 'smiley' opening for easy and hygienic medication deblistering and administration.

boxID unitdose storage cassettes

automatic storage of unitdoses in ready to use cassettes

Compact, sealable and reusable storage container for cardID unitdoses.

cardIDs are hung on internal rail for sequential storage.

The unitONE generates an additional 'kanban'-cardID at the end of each boxID with the description of the content of the boxID: medication, quantity, lotnumber, expiry date, production date, ...

Allows storage and transport of the unitdoses.

Fits directly in the ethilog focusONE cabinets and allows easy picking.

stackID blister package cassettes

fast changeover to next production batch

Medication in bister packages to be transformed into unitdose are first collected in stackID cassettes in a 2-step preparation and validation approach (4 eyes principle). This process is supported by a userfriendly software suite.

The validated stackIDs are simply put in the loading bay of the unitONE and can be exchanged while the machine is still finishing of the previous stackID cassette. This allows for fast changeover of the machine (SMED)

In the hospital version of the unitONE, one stackID can hold several medication references/lotnumbers at once, each separated by a partitioning cover.

unitONE in GMP setting

fully GMP compliant

The unitONE can be supplied in a GMP execution with a full software suite to manage the GMP process from order entry to shipping preparation.

The software includes the full production process documentation (EBR, QC-QP signoffs, detailed logging and archiving of all production parameters and events.

The GMP version is in operation at several GMP certified repacker sites that provide ethilog cardID unitdoses to hospitals.


versatile unitdose and product labeler

highly productive and versatile unitdose labeler

allows the labeling of all forms: cylindrical, flat, prism, amorph

auto-setup of the system to adapt to the specific form and dimensions of the products to label 

integrated line-clearance procedure to avoid wrong labeling

well suited for both small and medium production runs.

The automatic labelONE-A machine will be available as of Q4 2017. 

labelONE labels over 1000 products/hour (depending on operator loading speed)

An engineered unitdose label (labelID) ensures optimal labeling of all products, including very small products and small radius vials. The labelID also ensures optimal readability of the 2D barcode.

More information can be found at the movie here .

ethilog also sells a manual labeling system (labelONE-M) based on a semi-industrial label printer with automatic peel-off function.

All labelONE systems produce 'labelID' labels with full traceability information, including a unique serial number, similar to the cardID unitdoses. 


unitdose packaging software

integrated piloting software for all ethilog unitdose packagers and labelers

GMP and hospital versions

also supports several  non ethilog solutions with serialised GS1 datamatrix coding 

The logicONE software supports:

  • unitONE series 1000 unitdose packager
  • labelONE-A and labelONE-M unitdose labelers
  • Pentapack HP 500
  • Manual A4 blister sheets 

Standard labels contain full traceability information (both in clear text and GS1 datamatrix):

  • Medication name and reference
  • DCI
  • Lot number and expiry date
  • unique serial number, production machine and date

Labeling can be easily customised 


'dispense to light' automated dispensing cabinets 
and more

automatic dispensing cabinets for unitdose medication dispensing

interfaces with all HL7 compatible Electronic Prescription Software and other Hospital Information Systems

full access control (badge or password), user roles and  user rights management

systematic monitoring and logging of all transactions on the cabinets

two level access control: electronic roller shutter and  individual drawers, each with their authorisation level

designed for ergonomic, fast and safe dispensing of medication

modular design, adapted to all forms of medication

very high storage density, allows to manage 80% of all consumption at the ward on a footprint of less than 1 sq. meter

central 'backoffice' management of all cabinets (users, wards, medication, inventory, recalls, ...)

The focusONE dispensing systems come in different versions:

  • focusONE master cabinet, with modular configuration : number of shelves and drawers, configuration of the individual drawer compartments, ...
  • up to 7 additional focusONE slave cabinets per master cabinet allowing the deployment of the system at central  and satelite pharmacies.
  • up to 6 additional external 'controlled' locks per focusONE master cabinet to manage extrenal locations (fridges, modular cabinets, drawers, ...)

  • focusONE-box and focusONE-app for low cost extension of the system to small size medication storage locations (e.g. medication and anesthesia trolleys, sub-ward level  medication storage, consultation offices, ...) 
  • vaultONE extension for high security storage of medication (narcotics) - NEW 2017

Pick-to-Light guidance

Fast, intuitive and safe

All operations on the focusONE cabinets - picking, replenishment, return management,... are guided by an intuitive pick/put to light system.

This pick-to-light lead to 50% faster picking and reduces the picking error rate dramatically.

Barcode scanning


All operations on the focusONE cabinets require a barcode scanning for process control, medication validation, transaction registration and automation of all related (back-office) processes (such as inventory management, tarification,...).

The barcode  scanning ensures 100% safe medication dispensing and full traceability of medication and transactions.

User friendly interfaces

Intuitive tactle screen interface

The focusONE .are designed for optimal ergonomy and eas of operation. All operations are performed on a tactile screen with just a few clicks.

For most types of users the number of operations (use cases) to perform is limited and very intuitive, eliminating the need for extensive training.  

E-kanban replenishment

Fast, FIFO, Cycle counting, Lot/exp management

The focusONE cabinets have their own inventory management and send out e-kanban messages for replenishment when a picking location is emptied, and switches to the next location with the same medication.

This system allows for fast replenishment, intrinsic FIFO management with effective stock rotation  eliiminating the need for audits by the pharmacy, permanent cycle counting eliminating the need for periodic inventory controls. The cabinet also effectively manages lot/expiry information and allows to remotely block picking locations in case of medication recalls.

All forms of medication

Flexible management of all forms of medication

The focusONE cabinets  allow to store the boxID containers filled by the unitONE unitdose packager and to take full advantage of the boxID features, such as easy picking of the front cardID.

However, the newest generation of focusONE cabinets can handle all forms of medication by using the binID storage.picking bins that come in different widths to accomodate for all types of products.


multi-patient put to light system

matrixONE is a multipatient put/sort-to-light system for the central pharmacy of healthcare institutions

combines consolidated medication picking and sorting medication for hundreds of patients at a time

works standalone or in combination with a goods-to-person robot (vertical caroussel, boxpicker, storeONE/PharmaPick/...)

matrixONE details

  • fast and safe dispensing for hundreds of patients at once
  • mobile and fixed setups
  • special routings for cold medication, voluminuous items, HRM, ...
  • integrated software suite for linking with electronic prescription systems
  • also manages ward cabinet replenishments
  • complementary to ward dispensing systems ( focusONE )

The matrixONE allows to prepare patient-specific medication from a very large medication assortment in a safe and efficient way.

The combination of innovative  put-to-light technology and barcode scanning ensures fast and safe dispensing.

The matrixONE system allows to dispense medication for hundreds of patients at the time optimizing the number of (consolidated) medication pickings. These pickings can be performed manually or by any type of goods-to-person robot. The overall process is time-optimised.


unitdose store and dispense system

storeONE is a fast and safe goods-to-person system specifically developed for hospital pharmacies

it allows fault-free unitdose picking on several workstations that are serviced by a central bin-picking system

storeONE is developed by ethilog's partner Picklog

storeONE details

  • several versatile workstations for picking, loading, return management and inventory control
  • smart drawer buffer system and algorithms for high speed picking on several workstations at once
  • safe picking as only one picking drawer can be opened at a time
  • interfaces with electronic prescription system
  • high storage density
  • handles large and heavy bins as wel as smaller bins
  • full FIFO/FEFO management

The storeONE solution is the fastest semi-automatic unit-dose picking system available on the market. Up to three independent and versatile workstations allow to organize the different logistic processes in a flexible way and allow to cope with peak demand.

In combination with a matrixONE sort-to-light solution a very effective pharmacy dispensing system can be build.

The combination of secured picking drawers of which only one - the right one !- can be opened at the time and barcode scanning ensure error free picking and full traceability.

system integration

for closed loop medication management

ethilog offers you a complete solution for closed loop management by combining the different systems described above.

Where needed we can also integrate 3rd Party systems in the turnkey solution. Examples of integrated 3rd party solutions are ROWA robots, Hänel Rotomat Vertical carroussels, Pentapack HP500 repacking machines.

The ethlog system can handle multidose and unitdose medication of all sorts and allows gradual implementation of the solution along a growth path that takes into account the wishes and constraints of your organization and infrastructure.

ethilog uses powerful HL7 compatible EIA software for seamless integration of the solution with your existing Hospital Information Systems such as Electronic Patient Records, Electronic Prescription Software (CPOE), Pharmacy management systems, ERP systems, bedside scanning applications, ... In Belgium we have operational connections with Infohos, Xperthis, OASIS and more to come.

ethilog teams up with its partners to bring you a turnkey solution for your medication distribution process whether it is organised mainly from the central pharmacy or largely based on ward level medication distribution.

Safe and efficient medication distribution starts here !

For more information on our solutions and integration capabilities please contact us through our contact form or give us a call..


Discover how we can help you make your medication management more safe and more efficient